Thursday, February 9, 2012

only 4 more days!

I am almost done and boy am I glad! When the losses start to shrink so dose my will power! onday was -1 hooray! Tuesday -0.2.. meh and today -0.4 Yes I know losses are losses still doesn't mean I dont want them to be bigger! I had a friend over for dinner last night I made tomato basil soup and turkey burgers. I had mine without a but with some spinach, tomato, ketchup, and mustard. It was a great meal that didn't scream I am on a crazy diet. I know turkey isnt exactly on protocol but I figured it was a close substitution, seemed to be ok! I got to get up on drinking my water today though because I know I didn't drink enough yesterday, I woke up feeling like my mouth was full of cotton and I spent a week in the dessert. Dinner with a girlfriend went great but I am a little worried about what the weekend will bring. Friday I am going out with a group of friends and Saturday a new man friend is making me diner, he is a healthy eater and has actually lost 100 pounds so I dont think he will think I am crazy. I have skillfully pushed back dinner at my favorite Thai restaurant until next week when I am in P3.. even though that slowly killed me inside lol

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Week 2 wrap up

Last week almost there!! So the total loss for the week was 4.6 lbs. On Friday I was up 0.8 pounds which I was furious about because I didn't even cheat! The only cause could be the braggs I used on my asparagus so that is out. I dont feel like I have lost a lot of pounds overall this week but I did lose a lot of inches! I can see the changes and feel great about my body again. Thighs:-0.75 Hips-0.5 Waist-1.5 Arms-1 Chest 34 Bust: no change, no suprise there!

One more week and its back to cheese and nuts!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


-1.6 I am supper excited because my biggest loss in week one was 1.8, I dont typically keep pulling big numbers in week two but no complaining here!

Yesterday looked like this: Breakfast I had a grapefruit and some tea.
Lunch was tomato basil soup with chicken meatballs.-While driving I might add... I am still working on my time management.
Dinner was 4% lean ground beef with taco seasoning, a diced tomato
Dessert Strawberries.

I wonder if mixing up the proteins helped because I was previously just doing a lot of chicken. Either way I have 3 more servings of the taco meet and it was pretty good so bring on the losses! 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


-0.8 Getting there! My goal has always been 150 and I have yet to hit it... If I can keep up good losses there is a chance this time around! Last P3 over the summer I got down to 155, which was my lowest in years but I tend to even out around 160... Plan this time around for P3 is to attend at least two work out classes a week, probably body pump and Pilates and stay on P3 longer or transition it to an Atkins style diet. Plans are great but only time will tell what really happens!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


-1 woo hoo! Working on keeping my fluids up.. today I found a recipe for chai seed crackers that are all seeds and nuts with no flower! I am so excited to make me, I always find recipes for amazing dips but they are just not as good with celery sticks so this is a great alternative! Plus they are protein packed!!

Another new revelation... and how come it took me so long to discover this? Franks red hot sauce!! So good, only ingredients are cayenne and vinegar, bland food be gone!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

1 week report

So the first week is officially over! Only two more to go! I am so excited to be a week done, I am already dreaming about food and my pintrest if full of things I cant wait to make for P3! When I think about I really dont mind the low carb and am thinking that it may be something I need to do long term.

I didn't lose as much weight this week as I feel like I should have but I did lose a good amount of inches. Total weight loss for the week was 6.2, but this includes the 2.4 that I put on during loading. Measurement wise: Waist -0.5 hips -0.5 bust-0.5 arms -0.5 and.... wait for it.. thighs -1.75! Looking at my measurements from Aug I put the most back on my thighs so I will be happy if its the first to comes off!

Around day 14 is typically where I tend to loose my motivation and give into circumstances in the past but I know I am capable of doing this, I have already done a full round before and what would be better than looking good on the beach for spring break!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Pizza party temptation

So last night we had a going away party for a coworker and we had a pizza themed party, I signed up to make a fruit pizza... OMG baking a sheet of sugar cookies and then slathering it with cream cheese/whip cream  was a little difficult but I was good and didn't have any of it! The party was a little harder, there was so much food and I got stared at for being the only one in the room not eating. I used the excuse I had already eaten dinner but they were like you are a college student double up. I broke and had 3 cinnamon pita chips with a fresh fruit "salsa" If you consider all the pizza, bread sticks, and desert items that could have gone in my pie hole I consider that a success.. but a cheat it still a cheat!

-0.6 hurray! I was supper happy to see a decent size loss this morning and I hope it continues, think positive thoughts no stalling! I have been drinking a tone of water to flush all the bad stuff out just in case lol! Tonight will be interesting it is Friday night and that is my typical go out with friends night.. I have school work to do so I tild them I wouldnt be out until much later and only for a short amount of time.. hopefully they will be a couple into their drinks and not realize I am not drinking!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

VLCD 4 slip ups and challenges

-1.0! I am surprised and happy... I made a rookie mistake and tried a rouge item yesterday. I was running supper late when I left for campus in the morning so I ran out the door with only my grapefruit on board from earlier in the morning, no biggy I figured I would meet a classmate to work on a project then swing by my house for lunch before heading to the other campus that is 45minutes away.. well it started snowing so I had to get straight on the road. I was in a panic about that I was going to eat, I was starting to feel starving and knew I couldn't make it through my lab and another 45minute drive. When I got to school I realized there was a grocery store across the street- sweet salvation! I remembered my friend told me she does Purdue pre-cooked chicken strips so I bought those and some cherry tomatoes.

For dinner I decided to try some new recipes out of my HCG cook book, my first round I made a lot of recipes and didn't find the diet all that difficult- I also had a lot more weight to lose so the motivation was greater, my third attempt at a round I was to busy so all I ate was dry chicken and steamed veggies, not very good or enough to keep me going. This round I want to change it up and keep the food more fresh so I stay more interested and satisfied. I was supper proud of myself I tried buffalo chicken strips, made enough for dinner and an extra portion, chicken cabbage soup for another day, and 2 servings of tomato basil soup. Well what I thought was 2 serving of tomato soup! The soup was delicious and supper satisfying, as I was eating it I was thinking the quantity was huge but It wasn't until I consulted the cookbook to finish the cabbage soup that I realized it actually made 2 servings. Uhh rookie mistake! It turned out ok so I guess it isn't the end of the world... and I like knowing the Perdue chicken is an acceptable last minute meal option!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

VLCD 1 and 2

First day of low cal and I lost -1.8! This was what I gained during loading so I am on my way. My first day was interesting because even though I had planned on doing this round I was very busy and didn't manage to get to the grocery store to buy P2 appropriate food. I gabbed two "cutie" oranges to have on the way to class and by the time I got out at 5:00pm I know I needed to eat more but I had to go to the grocery store first! When I got home I was absolutely starving so I measured out 100grams of all natural canned chicken and ate it with some garlic and other spices. Canned chicken is not something I would ever think of eating during P2 but it seemed to work out just fine! The cutie mandarin oranges are also something I have never tried before but I find them easier to eat then a regular orange and since they are so small I eat 2 of them.

Day 2 I am getting back into the swing of things, I made some meatloaf with 4% ground beef on Monday night so I had 4 of them in the fridge ready to go. Breakfast was an apple- which I was actually kind of upset about because I was looking forward to this apple all threw class and when I got in my car to eat it I bit into a grainy apple :( Lunch was meatloaf,  2 oranges as a late evening snack, then dinner was canned chicken and steamed cabbage. I had my first temptation last night, my friends all went out to a Mexican restaurant for a friends birthday so i stopped by after class, it was good because by that time everyone was almost finished eating so I wasn't pressured to eat but the longer I stared at everything I gave into 1 chip and salsa. When I got home I skipped my Melba toast to make up for the 1 tortilla chip. Down 1.6 so I guess the one chip wasn't the end of the world!

Monday, January 23, 2012

How you know your back on HCG

1. Its 5:30pm and all you have eaten is 2 "cutie" oranges.
2. Your lips are pealing off because its winter and all the moisture is being sucked out of your body.
3. Everything I drink comes out ten fold in 5minute increments!
Yep you guessed it I am back! This is VLCD 1 I have felt great so far and am excited to get this round going!

One of the biggest things I have learned about HCG is that timing has to be right and you need to asses what is going on in your life before committing to do HCG. I learned this the hard way last round! Its not a secret that I am a busy student but last semester my schedule was built in a way that coming home for meal was impossible. I took some time and looked at my calender and decided that now was a perfect time to start a new round! My school schedule has beaks in it so I can eat at home and if I start now I will be on my last week of P3 when spring break starts... still on the fence for what I am doing for spring break but either way I will look goo doing it!

For those of you that are curious I have actually maintained my weight loss pretty well and have admittedly been eating anything I want to, since my grandfather died and the holidays I feel like some pounds have crept on that I dont love so might as well do something about it while I can!